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PURLs platform features

PURLs platform Features Personalized URLs are unique web addresses using the prospect's name like purls platform makes the purls creation and tracking process easier.

Purls Campaign Features

  • Purls campaign using custom templates.
  • Multi-page campaigns.
  • Segmented campaigns to display specific templates for specific group of visitors.
  • Rules engine to display specific Text, video and Image specific image based on visitors properties.
  • Email Alerts on Visits and Submits.
  • Reports on visits and submissions.
  • Custom programming on any custom campaign requirements.
  • Activation code or promotion code to access purls to protect privacy.

Purls Platform For Resellers, Marketing Agencies and Print shops

Manage in one account

Ability to manage all your clients/domains in one account.

Add domains

Flexibility to add domains when required

Reseller pricing

Reseller pricing available for marketing agencies and print shops

Create New

Train you on the platform to create it.

Purls for your own Marketing

Special pricing

Special pricing for your campaigns either one time or periodical campaigns.

Custom templates

Help you in creating custom templates at
low cost.

Create campaigns

We create campaigns for you to let you focus on other activities.

Custom Purls Features We can create/add any custom process to your purls campaign to automate your business process. The custom process is upto your imagination. Below are few examples:

Posting the

Posting the leads to the CRM using API.

Create custom process

Create custom process to make a outgoing call to prospect and connect your customer service.

Create an

Create an API call to third parties to gather data based on prospects input and send it your CRM as a whole data.

Prospect submission

Perform certain calculation based on prospect submission before sending to your server.