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Web Design & Development Updating your existing website or looking for a clean start? We make website design and development projects easy and cost effective for you.

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Microsite Development

A microsite is an internet web design term that refers to individual web pages that are meant to function as a supplement to the primary website. Every microsite main landing page has its own URL.

Microsites are used to promote a new product, a seasonal event, or other similar promotions. These microsites are also used to hear from customers through customized surveys, polls, preferences, etc.

Microsites become a powerful online/web marketing media strategy when they are integrated with your existing cross-media marketing campaigns. Some of these include:

  • Direct Mailing
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Banner Ads
  • Search Engine Ads
  • Newspaper
  • Radio/TV Commercial

Integrating microsites with your cross-media campaign will significantly improve response rates and customer engagement. The microsite can be setup to have a generalized URL, such as, or a personalized URL, like

Personalized Microsites Personalized Microsites takes the microsite to the next level, with one-to-one direct marketing specifically for the customer. By personalizing the URL, you know more about the prospect before they even visit your website. You also get to know their behaviors and interests at an individual level, giving you the ability to follow up with relevant messages based on their preferences.

Landing Page Development

A landing page is a webpage that is used to receive online traffic that is generated by marketing campaigns. Some of these campaigns can include banner ads, google adwords, email marketing, social media marketing, or even direct mail marketing campaigns. This webpage may be a page of your own website or it may be a distinct page all on its own. The objective is to prompt a certain action or result from the customer.

Landing Pages can be generic or personalized depending on the type of campaign. Any traffic from Banner Ads, Google words, or Social Media Marketing (SMM) are handled by generic landing pages. Traffic from email marketing and direct mails can be handled by personalized landing pages, and this serves as an opportunity to close the loop of your email and direct mail campaign.

Email Template Development Email marketing campaigns are not a one-time strategy, but rather, they are ongoing and can constantly be updated and evolved. Keeping content fresh and engaging can be challenging and time-consuming, but ProspectClick can help you! Using our expertise, we will create a template for your business that reflects your unique brand and image. We will then create personalized landing pages that are user-friendly and are targeted specifically for your customers.

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