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PURLs platform pricing

PURLs platform Pricing Personalized URLs are unique web addresses using the prospect's name like purls platform makes the purls creation and tracking process easier.

Custom Pricing

Purls Platform Pricing For Resellers, Marketing Agencies and Print shops

Pricing varies on your requirement of the:
  • Volume of purls
  • Number of domains
  • Terms of subscription (Monthly vs Annual)

We can guarantee that you will get the best rate and this will be a low-cost solution for you. You can mail us at, one of us will reach out to you with best pricing.

Purls pricing for your own marketing Special pricing for your campaigns either one time or periodical campaigns.

  • Start Up

    $75 /campaign

  • 10000 Purls
    for 30 days validity
  • Choose Plan
  • Professional

    $50 /month/campaign

  • For every additional 30 days
    on top of initial 30 days
  • Choose Plan